‘SPYder’ Teaser: Is it irresistible?:

The teaser of ‘SPYder’ has evoked a mixed response. Since AR Murugadoss is said to be dealing with a Hollywoodish subject (bio-terrorism anyone?), the antagonist is scary and the hero is smart.

“Nee lanti vaadu unna oori lo ne e lanti vaadu okadu untadu,” the teaser says, offering one of those hero-glorifying lines in a subtle way.

“Aaroju antha madhi janam lo dhakunnave.. adhe bhayam..Bhayapetadam maaku telusu,” says Mahesh, in his inimitable fashion.

The best of the action episodes may have been hidden from us, so save that for another day. Rakul Preet Singh, bespectacled for the first time, is seeking a blind date and that’s romantic enough.

But is the Teaser irresistible? Not really.