Megha Akash fails the litmus test

Megha Akash may only be a debutant, but she is a Hanu Raghavapudi heroine. And when it’s Hanu who is the director, expectations from his heroine is usually very high.

It’s because of the legacy of ‘Andala Rakshasi’ and ‘Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gadha’, both which threw up a cute performer each: Lavanya Tripathi and Mehreen respectively. If Lavanya has gone on to become one of the sought-after actresses, having acted opposite a Nagarjuna, Mehreen is doing pretty well.

But Megha Akash is underwhelming for a Hanu heroine, say critics. While it’s unwise to judge any artiste or technician on the basis of just one film, the high bar is working against the young diva.