Abhishek takes potential embarrassment sportively

A parody account on Twitter routinely mocks Abhishek Bachchan for his failure to withstand in Bollywood. The other day, when actor Rajkummar Rao wondered as to what will happen if there were no surnames in the world, the parody account holder said, “Oh please No! That’s all I got, dude!!”

This is when a top journalist thought that the parody account is Abhishek’s original account and said, ‘Very cool’ in appreciation of the actor’s ability to laugh at himself. Parody accounts come with minor spelling changes, spellings that are not easily deciphered and so, the journo got confused.

Like a sport, Abhishek told her, “Thank you ma’am. Will let @juniorbacchhan know you think he’s cool. I’m the other guy. The one with the blue tick.”