Baap of Wars: The 'M' finger war became intensely viral on social media

Baap of Wars: The 'M' finger war became intensely viral on social media

Our brain produces different sort of emotions depending on the situation that living thing is going through. In expressing emotions, humans are superior and each individual being has his/her own of representation.

Among the emotions, anger is the most vital one. Anger leads to the many miseries in human life. If one cannot control his/her anger for a moment, it will lead to the destruction of relationships and lives. 

Different people represent their anger in different ways. Some show anger verbally, some hitting the others, Few hurt themselves and some shows their anger on things. Likewise, different show their anger in a variety of ways.

In this following video, there are two persons who are going through an intense 'M'iddle finger war. Seriously, they both expressing their anger or hatred by displaying the middle finger to each other. All the above anger result to destruction either physically or mentally. Some anger is very costly. You know what I meant to say you all. 

Without any sort of damage to each other, they exhibiting their anger on each other, which is nothing less than a brutal physical combat between them. The intensity in their eyes and faces corroborating how they hate each other. Well, we don't is the reason behind their anger and hatreds. But this video has caught the attention of everyone and became viral across the globe.