World' first hydrogen-powered train hits the tracks in Germany

World' first hydrogen-powered train hits the tracks in Germany

The world is talking about global warming due to the rise of toxic gas levels of CO, CFO in the atmosphere. Every year all the nations talk about this but nothing has been implemented to rescue mother nature.

Our global leaders say, "Aforestation is must". But still destructing forests in the name of development. Really, we know what type of development we need but still, our greed starts discovering things which harm nature. Instead of going strictly against the things which harm nature, we simply looking for and discovering alternatives to live in a polluted atmosphere.

We humans instead of abiding by rules, we love to break with some stupid exemptions.

Coming to the main point, Germany has just introduced the World' first hydrogen-powered engine. 

It takes water and converts oxygen and hydrogen into electricity. It emits only water and steam.

The noise is also low when compared to diesel engines.

It is cheaper to run but very expensive to buy. 

The train has hit the tracks in Lower Saxony, Germany and it will carry passengers on a 100KM stretch between towns.

Each train can travel 1000KM on a single tank and refuel in just 15 minutes.

The train was built by French TGV-maker Alstom and it plans to deliver 14 more trains to the region by 2021.

Truly, we have the heart to alter things, definitely, it is possible. But the only thing is we need sincere will and determination.