Here is why some section of media people targeting Sanju

Here is why some section of media people targeting Sanju

If you have watched 'Sanju' and liked it for its artistic value, it's fine.  But if you have bought into Rajkumar Hirani's nonsensical portrayal of convicted criminal Sanjay Dutt's 'innocence', you have to read this.  

What happened in 1993 weeks after Sanjay Dutt procured an AK-56 rifle needs to be narrated.  In all, 71 AK rifles were recovered after the March 1993 blasts.  To put things in perspective, the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks saw only 10 AK rifles.

"Do you recall how much RDX was recovered in Mumbai following the 1993 blasts? It was 3.5 tonne. Employed well, as you would trust ISI-trained terrorists to do, this is enough to blow up every high rise in South Bombay, or Bandra-Kurla Complex, India’s financial capital," writes columnist Shekhar Gupta.  

The ISI had devious plans to destroy Mumbai and affect India economically and socially for years to come.  It's only India's fortune that it was prevented.  

Now, guess what?  Sanjay Dutt could well have saved Mumbai.  How?  “Arms were delivered to Sanjay Dutt on 16 January (1993). Instead of concealing them, if he had only told his patriotic father (Sunil Dutt), who in turn would have surely informed us, we would have prevented the bombings and saved so many lives," Gupta writes, quoting MN Singh, then joint commissioner.  

The irresponsible film called 'Sanju' says that the "bombings were carried out by Tiger Memon because his office had been burnt in the riots."  Such a blatant lie?  Shameless is the only word.