Is there anything fishy over Renu Desai comments on Pawan Kalyan?

Is there anything fishy over Renu Desai comments on Pawan Kalyan?

Actor cum director Renu Desai has opened her mouth for the first time after getting divorced with Powerstar, Pawan Kalyan. Except for the divorce of Renu-Pawan, there is nothing known to anyone about the actual reasons behind the sudden break up who have lived adorably for 11 years.

Post-divorce also, Powerstar fans considered Renu Desai as their ‘vadina’ despite he married to Anna Lezhneva. Recently, Renu confirmed her wedding. Later on, the actress who got threat messages from Powerstar fans has unfolded the reason behind the reason for their divorce in her latest interview.

In her interview, she said that Pawan Kalyan is the reason for the divorce and he has approached for the divorce. While giving a befitting reply to the trolls of Powerstar fans, she said that Mr.Kalyan has a year baby with Anna Lezhneva even before the divorce and also made some comments on the Gabbar Singh actor of committed a wrong.

Meanwhile, she also told that Pawan has strong and sincere intention to do something for the society.  But Renu’ comments of Pawan having a year baby even before their divorce resulted in a lot of doubts because in the past she has given many interviews and never made any single comment against Pawan Kalyan.

The most important thing is that Renu told in an interview to popular News Channel that she has congratulated Pawan and Anna after Polena’ birth. In the same interview, she told Pawan congratulated over her decision to re-marry and advised to verify the background.

It is known that Renu and Pawan divorced in 2011. Both Pawan and Anna blessed with their first baby after their divorce only, in 2013.

Post identifying the contrary statements of Renu Desai, Twitterati and Pawan fans expressing behind her comments as either influenced or come out by frustration.
Whatever the reasons behind her comments whether they may be true or not, now renu has given the strong weapon to opposition parties to irk Pawan Kalyan in future, especially during 2019 elections campaign.

Over renu comments, some section of Twitterati is supporting her whereas some condemning by circulating the videos of her contrary interviews followed by unveiling the divorce and birth dates of Renu and Anjana Polena respectively.