Jim Carrey' trademark mockery on Trump declaring National Emergency!

Jim Carrey' trademark mockery on Trump declaring National Emergency!

Yesterday, US President, Donald Trump who has spoken on the National Security and Humanitarian Crisis on the southern border(US-Mexico) in The White House rose garden has declared National Emergency under the National Emergencies Act of 1976. 

Mr.Trump said that implying National Emergency is not needed but to speed up wall construction between US-Mexico border where he alleged of spreading crime and drugs through illegal immigrants.

On Trump' declaration of emergency, many have condemned this act. Right from Hollywood Stars to Bureaucrats. Internationally renowned actor, Jim Carrey has expressed opinion on Trump' declaration in his trademark mockery.

Jim Carrey posted a cartoon picture where the doctors have brought an alien form from the womb into the world with a message that the real state of emergency has begun in 1946 at the Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New York. Definitely not human.

Even though, The Mask star didn't tweet the name of the person, based on the similarities of Donald Trump' birthplace followed by his Friday' decision of National Emergency corroborated that it is directed definitely the 45th US President.

Before Trump,   A list compiled by the Brennan Center says Bill Clinton declared 17 national emergencies, George W Bush 13 and Barack Obama 12, but nearly all were for crises that emerged overseas- The Guardian.