Nobody is believing '2.0' producers!

Nobody is believing '2.0' producers!

We all know the budget of '2.0'.  It's an astronomical, incredible and monumental Rs. 550 Cr (including publicity costs).  Both Lyca Productions' Subhaskaran and Superstar Rajinikanth have claimed this as the film's budget.

However, many folks out there are not ready to believe their words.  Their suspicion is that the budget is well under Rs. 200 Cr.  

While nobody would know the truth, the suspicion has gained traction ever since the release of the movie's trailer.  The critics among the audience feel that the visuals are good but it's not believable that the extravaganza needed those many hundreds of crores.  But those folks and critics are forgetting that Shankar shows each and every penny on the screen. With one song of director Shankar, a small to medium budget film will be shot. The cost of 2 Point 0 surpasses 200cr only for its settings.

Anyway, this sort of rumours quite common nowadays. Everyone has to appreciate the guts of director Shankar' vision and bringing that vision into the reality. If films like become busters only, there are producers and directors bravely come forward and take our Indian cinema pride to the next level.

The film should become a blockbuster in Tamil and Hindi, especially.  In Telugu, too, it has to make as much money as a straight mass entertainer starring a Tollywood star.  Will it?  So folks, keep your negativity aside and enjoy the vision of director Shankar this November.