Pakistanis' #AntiHateChallenge by condemning Pulwama Attack is conquering hearts

Pakistanis' #AntiHateChallenge by condemning Pulwama Attack is conquering hearts

With the Pulwama terror attack, there has been an intense atmosphere prevailed between both India and Pakistan. To say straight, it is a volatile situation where a war can be broken out between the two nations.

Yesterday, Pak PM Imran Khan assured to take strict action if India provides evidence. Over this, some Indians not satiated because India has provided evidence in Mumbai attacks and other incidents too but there is no action taken against.

Coming to the core point, Pakistani women have launched a wonderful campaign #AntiHateChallenge in solidarity to India by condemning the Pulwama Terror attack. This great initiative is started by Young Sehyr Mirza, who is a journalist, co-founder of SAMAAJ, writes for DAWN.

Followed by Sehyr, many Pakistani women and Twitterati have joined in this great campaign. The Indians who received this #AntiHateCampaign pretty well has appreciated Sehyr Mirza and all the other Pakistanis.

Yes, this incident proved that the people of both nations want peace and have love and respect for each other.