Sudan Massacre: Bodies floating in the Nile River

Sudan Massacre: Bodies floating in the Nile River

The long-time Sudan President Omar al-Bashir resigned in April 2019 after the people of the nation started protesting against him in December 2018.

After his resignation, TMC(Transitional Military Council) has taken over the power. They had initially agreed on a 3-year transition plan to a democratic government. But many pro-democracy activists say they don't trust military after the recent attacks.

Against TMC, SPA(Sudanese Professionals Association) call for the nationwide strike after the military forces attacked a peaceful protest camp. In the attack, many people who are in the peaceful protests have been killed.

As per the Twitterati, the military is ruthless approaching brutal methods to suppress the protestors. Sudan is almost on the brink of Civil war due to the atrocities of military forces. There are some videos circulating on social media which are horrible and it seems that humanity at stake. 

100s of bodies have been found floating in the Nile River. As per the Twitter statistics, 500 killed, 723 injured, 650 arrested, 48 women raped, 6 Men raped and 1000 missing.