ABCD Telugu Movie Review

ABCD Telugu Movie Review

Allu Sirish needs to score a hit to stay in the game and has all his eyes on ABCD, his new release which has hit the screens today. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.



The film is based on the life of Aravind who is a rich NRI living in the US. He is not serious about his life and to teach him a lesson his father sends him to India to know the harsh realities of life. Aravind comes to India and falls in love with Neha played by Rukshar. He suddenly becomes famous because of his simple lifestyle but this does not go well with a politician. The crux of the story is as to how Aravind handles all this and changes his life.




Rukshar Dhillon is a very beautiful actress who does very well inspite of getting a very limited screen presence. Comedian Bharath is not that great as he used to be when he was a kid. 

Allu Sirish, surprisingly does very well in the film. He has now a good screen presence and does not ham in front of the camera. Bet it his dances, comedy or emotions he was done his homework well. But the surprise package is Raja who does the role of villain and he dam good.



The remake does not have a basic soul and this is the main problem. The makers have tried to induce good fun and it works in a lighter manner in the first half. The needed emotions in the film are missing in many areas. 

Music is haunting and very good. The second half has several issues as things are hurried here and this is where the film dips for the audience. Comedy could have been good in many areas but that is not the case.


What clicks


Allu Sirish

First half




What flops

Second half




Overall analysis

ABCD is a film which has its heart in its right place in the first half. Allu Sirish and co manage to handle things well in this time. But once the second half starts things falling apart and fun vanishes. But having said that the film is not as bad as you expect and entertains you as long as you get attached to the theme of the film.