Anushka Sharma blames Sunil Gavaskar over twisted commentary

Anushka Sharma blames Sunil Gavaskar over twisted commentary
Sunil Gavaskar's commentary during Thursday's IPL match while Virat Kohli was batting has been twisted by the media. "Kohli only practised to Anushka’s bowling during the recent lockdown. I saw a video. But that is not going to be enough," Gavaskar said in his commentary.
The commentary seems to have been given a spin by several commentators. Since Gavaskar involved the Bollywood actress, who is Kohli's wife, the term 'sexist' has been liberally used.
In an open statement, Anushka on Friday said that Gavaskar's message is distasteful and sweeping. "I am sure over the years you have respected the private lives of every cricketer while commentating on the game. Don't you think you should have an equal amount of respect for me and us?” Anushka said on social media.
Gavaskar was referring to an actual video that went viral in May. Kohli was batting in the video as his wife bowled in it. "What Gavaskar likely meant was that the Indian captain did not get much practice during the coronavirus lockdown, and whatever recreational practice he did do in the leaked video was not enough," said a Newslaundry opinion column.
Gappistan Radio, a social media influencer, wrote, "Truly bizarre. Gavaskar makes an innocuous comment. Twitter user twists it to make it distasteful, entire media runs with it without even looking at the video, Anushka reads those reports, slams Gavaskar, media runs that as a story to reconfirm the fake story to their readers."