Ashwin, Lyon furious over Motera pitch controversy

Ashwin, Lyon furious over Motera pitch controversy

The inaugural match at the World's largest cricket stadium is the hot topic now. Not for its capacity, it's because of the pitch. After the third test match is completed in a couple of days, especially the English cricket players called this match is the worst. And expressed how the pitch favourable to spin bowlers on Day one itself.

Over this, Ravichandran Ashwin responded in a straight way that we never complained about the pitch when we bowled out cheaply. Recalling New Zealand memories, he said that the two test matches which they played were completed within five days. We never complained. And he also recollected the circulating video of Virat in South Africa stating that he is not there to talk about the pitch. He is there to comfort and back up the team. BCCI released the video of Ashwin over the Motera pitch controversy.

In solidarity with Ashwin, Australian Spinner Nathan Lyon has raised his voice. His message stated, " The best thing about the Test match that just passed is that England went in with four-seamers. That will do me. I don't need to say any more.

It(the pitch) was absolutely brilliant. I'm thinking about bringing that curator to SCG. we play on seaming wickets around the world and get bowled out for 47,60. Nobody ever says a thing. But as soon as it starts spinning, everyone in the world seems to start crying about it.

I don't get it. I'm all for it, it was entertaining. "

Well, Ashwin has given a befitting reply to an English journalist when he asked if the Motera is a perfect pitch. Ashwin replied on what basis you called a perfect pitch. What are the terms? What are the measures to tell the pitch is a perfect one? Who decides? It is a Test match, whether the ball swings or spins, the batsman has to bat well and score runs. It is a challenge between bat and bowl. There are no specifications that have ever written that the first three days the ball has to swing and the last two days, it has to favour spinners. When asked Ashwin, an English journalist kept quiet.

Mainly, Former England Cricketer, Michael Vaughan is crying like anything over this pitch. He is unable to digest the defeat and confess the truth.