‘Bhaskar Awards’ to YSRCP MPs

‘Bhaskar Awards’ to YSRCP MPs

 In AP, political heat has mounted up a year before the 2019 elections. The vilification game is going on among the three parties Janasena,  YSRCP, and TDP by highlighting each other’ loopholes and the failed promises of the state government.

Especially, the war of words between YSRCP and TDP is going in a new way. The vilification of TDP and YSRCP reminding the cinema. In cinema’ how mockery is mainly used to generate some laughter. Likewise, AP Political parties creating humor by their mockery.

Today, AP IT Minister, Nara Lokesh uttered of the eligibility of Bhaskar Awards to YSRCP MPs and their one-year resignation drama for special status. He also made a witty statement that YS Jagan & Co would produce a film of their own under the title ‘A1 and Half Dozen Thieves’.

The mockery of Nara Lokesh reminding of Brahmanandam’s ‘Bhaskar Awards’ in Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram’ Attarentiki Daredhi and the title ‘A1 and Half Dozen..’ reminds of the great Legend NTR’s ‘Ali Baba 40 Dongalu’.

Today, YS Jagan also gave a reply to AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu’ comments on their party in a satirical way.