Review: Bheeshma

Review: Bheeshma
'Bheeshma' it out in the theatres to entertain the audience.  Having released amid low competition and coming after a string of disasters in Tollywood, the entertainer is mainly a comedy. What to expect from it and what not to be expected?  Here we tell you all in this detailed review.
Bheesma (Nithiin) shares his name with the principled owner (Anant Nag) of a corporate company that specializes in organics. The duo is not related. The archenemy of the latter is played by Jisshu Sengupta, who is hell-bent on destroying the good Anant Nag in his search to expand market for chemical fertilizers.  The biggest stumbling block comes in the form of the hero, who comes with a plan to outwit him.  That is the crux of the second half.
Nithiin is the mainstay of the fillm.  Throughout, he puts up an unserious and near comical expression as needed by the script.  Even in that one big fight in the second half, he is irreverent.  After three consecutive flops, he tries to make a comeback with this 'Dil'-like performance.  
Rashmika Mandanna is turning out to be jaded.  After 'Sarileru Neekevvaru', she doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Jisshu Sengupta looks somewhat straight out of his 'Aswathama' act.  Anant Nag passes muster and his dubbing his quite a distraction.  Sampath Raj is okay, while Vennela Kishore tickles the funny bone. Raghu Babu, Brahmaji and Naresh are good.
Technical Departments
Mahati Swara Sagar's music adds value to the proceedings in an okayish way.  'Whattey Beauty' looks complete because of the excellent dance choreography.  The cinematography is an asset.  The editing is largely sharp.  The art direction is another plus.
What Works
The comedy, powered by the comic timing of the main players, is the biggest plus of this otherwise done-to-death story.  
The Nithiin-Vennela Kishore track.
The Nithiin-Sampath Raj track.  Although the latter doesn't have much role in the story, he becomes important because he is the heroine's father.
It's good that the organic farming element is not overdone.  
The climax is not warped at least.  The film is wrapped up with a touch of comedy.
The rom-com track is breezy.
What Fails
The story is too weak. It's quite predictable except for the climax.
The villain looks like a fool. He is like this because the hero has to be projected as the only all-knowing soul on the planet.  
The employees of Bheeshma Organics are either buffoons or traitors. How then did it become a Rs 8,000 crore company, for God's sake?
In how many films are they going to project education and qualification as meaningless?  
In how many films are they going to show the hero as the only man of values available in the universe?
In how many films are they going to show the corporate baddies as adultering the products of their rival company with ease?
In how many films are they going to show the hero winning debates by making third-rate arguments in front of TV cameras?
Overall Analysis
'Bheeshma' works if you don't use your brains and decide to enjoy whatever it throws at you.  It's not like everything is mindless in the movie. The comedy quotient clicks, by and large.  Since February is a dull month at cinemas, it has to be seen whether this film will break-even.