BJP will lose all three state elections: Survey

BJP will lose all three state elections: Survey

A survey conducted by C-Voter for a news channel has found that the Congress will get a clear majority in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh later this year.  

In MP, the survey says, the Grand Old Party will win 117 of 230 seats.  The margin of victory in Rajasthan is stunning.  Congress will secure 130 out of 200 in the north-western state.  In Chattisgarh, it will win 54 out of 90 seats.  Thus, BJP will lose all the three states that it currently rules.

However, the survey also says that the Narendra Modi campaign could lead to different results.  

In all probability, Modi will ensure that the BJP wins MP and Chattisgarh.  As things stand, Rajasthan is irredeemable.  The popularity that Congress leader Ashok Gehlot enjoys is insurmountable.  Vasundhara Raje, the saffron CM, is no match. 

In all, about 28,000 respondents were surveyed.