"Blessed working  with Pawan Kalyan..."- Anu Emmanuel

"Blessed working  with Pawan Kalyan..."- Anu Emmanuel

Gorgeous and talented actress, Anu Emmanuel is coming up with her Shailaja Reddy Alludu movie to entertain Telugu movie lovers on the auspicious day, Vinayaka Chaviti.  NTV Telugu.com has a special chit chat with this talented beauty over her career and the film Shailaja Reddy.

Hi, Anu Emmanuel..!

1. Can you tell about your role in Shailaja Reddy Alludu?

   My role in this film is totally different from other films which I had done in past, in this film my character is the replica of egoistic personality and where the audience will  get  enough laugh with my character.

2. The trailer is promising, it seems your role has a comic touch in SRA...! Would you say something about it?

 Yep, the trailer which had released had created a huge impact on the audience and my role what I previously said is based on my character. In this film, indirect comedy occurs through which the audience will completely enjoy the film.

3. If so, (how you) rate yourself in comedy timing?
    Usually, the audience should rate for my comedy timing after watching this film and I'm still in the learning process so I couldn't rate for it as of now.

4. How is it working Naga Chaitanya and Senior Actor Ramya Krishna garu?
    Nagachaitanya is completely cool and energetic co-star. I enjoyed working with him throughout the film.  Ramya mam is a senior actor in the industry and I'm blessed to work with her and learned a lot from Ramya mam which is helpful for my carrier.

5. Is it really cool working with director Maruthi?
    Ya, it is really a pleasure working with Maruthi and every scene we had enjoyed a lot even in the serious scenes too. we all enjoyed working in the direction of Maruthi.

6. Any funny incidents which you recollect while shooting for Shailaja Reddy Alludu?
    Aforementioned, we had enjoyed every scene from the film. Mostly the scenes which had taken between me, Chaitanya, Venella Kishore had a lot of comedy which will     entertain the audience.

7. What is Shailaja Reddy Alludu? What SRA has for the fans and movie lovers?
    As the audience who expect complete family entertainer along with comedy, this film is apt for them, just like the previous films of Maruthi this film also entertain the audience.

8. How do you describe SRA' clash with your co-star' wife Samantha' U-Turn?
     I  can't say anything about it as Shailaja Reddy Alludu is out and out comedy and family entertainer whereas U-turn is a horror thriller and there is no clash over it     because these two films are of from different Genres and as its a festival time everyone will wish to watch our film Shailaja Reddy Alludu.

9. How did you felt about the result of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan' Agnyaathavaasi and Allu Arjun' Naa Peru Surya result?  Their result showed any impact on you. Didn't they? 
 I totally went into depression after hearing the negative response for both the films as I had expected a lot because I thought my carrier will totally change after the release of it but unexpectedly it hasn't happened. But I am blessed for working with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arjun.

10. In the early of career, you made a successful entry followed by some disappointing results? How do you balance failure and success?  What did you learn with the results of Agnyaathavasi and NPS?

Ya, both success and failures are common in the industry we have to balance both, by the failures we can recognize the faults which we had done and we should remember that shouldn't repeat again.

11. Describe your co-stars right from Pawan Kalyan to Naga Chaitanya in a single word?

a. Nani :- energetic.
b. Pawan Kalyan:- powerful.
c. Allu Arjun:- hardworking
d.Naga Chaitanya:- cool.

12. Any dream role which you would like to do?
      No, I will constantly think about only one thing i.e the audience should remember my character of the film by my performance and they should remember it for a long time  and that is my dream.

13. In recent times, any role which you felt jealous about..!
      No, I haven't felt jealous of any roles I even after watching the films I would like to congratulate them on their performances over it.

14. After a decade, how you wish to see your self?
      Ya, I wish to be successful in my carrier and do all the possible roles which audience would remember my character for a long time.

15. What are your future projects?
      Though I'm listening to lots of scripts, I haven't signed any project. I would like to sign based on the result of Shailaja Reddy Alludu.