Central government issues new guidelines for OTT platforms

Central government issues new guidelines for OTT platforms

Today, the Union Minister I&B, Prakash Javedakar and Law & Justice, Communications, Electronics & Information Technology Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad has issued new guidelines for social media and OTT platforms.

Government notifies Information Technology (IntermediaryGuidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021
Social media platforms welcome to do business in India but they need to follow the Constitution and laws of India
Social media platform can certainly be used for asking questions and criticise
Social media platforms have empowered ordinary users but they need accountability against its misuse and abuse.

The new Rules empower ordinary users of social media, embodying a mechanism for redressal and timely resolution of their grievance.

Rules about digital media and OTT focuses more on in house and self-regulation mechanism whereby a robust grievance redressal mechanism has been provided while upholding journalistic and creative freedom

The proposed framework is progressive, liberal and contemporaneous.
It seeks to address peoples’ varied concerns while removing any misapprehension about curbing creativity and freedom of speech and expression

The guidelines have been framed keeping in mind the difference between viewership in a theatre and television as compared to: 

As the Ministers said that the Central government is not against constructive criticism has imposed a three-tier mechanism for OTT platforms.

  1. OTT and Digital news media have to disclose their details 
  2. Grievance redressal system for Digital and OTT platforms. 
  3. Self-regulatory body headed by retired SC or HC judge.

The social media platforms need to disclose the first originator of the mischievous tweet or a message, if either the court or government asks. 

Guidelines for Social Media Platforms:

 A Grievance redressal mechanism should be developed and there should be a Grievance Redressal Officer should be registered within 24 hours and disposed of in 15 days.

Additional due diligence to be followed by significant social media intermediary :
Appoint a Chief Compliance Officer responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act & Rules. 
 Appoint a Nodal Contact Person. 
 Appoint a Resident Grievance Officer.

Users who wish to verify their accounts voluntarily shall be provided with an appropriate mechanism to verify their accounts and provided with a demonstrable and visible mark of verification.

New rules empower ordinary users, embodying a mechanism for redressal & timely resolution of their grievance.