Cockroach Milk is healthier than Cow’

Cockroach Milk is healthier than Cow’

Most of the people across the world disgust of only insect utmost, i.e. Cockroach. And many of us witnessed how ladies scream when they found these tiny beings near to them. If anyone says, Cockroach milk is stronger than Cow’.  Can you guess! What’s the first reaction?

Yes, exactly different sounds like ‘Yaaak’ etc., will come out.  That too, drinking its milk is more beneficial to humans. The reaction has left for your imagination only. Coming to the main plot, not every Cockroach is capable of harvesting milk. Only a Cockroach,  like Pacific Beetle from Hawaii, has this incredible quality.

The Pacific beetle cockroach won’t lay any eggs and it gives birth to the young ones. For this female cockroaches, embryos develop inside it and it feeds the younger ones with a pale yellow fluid milk-like substance from its embryo sac.

As per the study published in the Journal of the International Union of Crystallography, the cockroach milk contains protein crystals which are the source of rich nutrients. The Pacific Beetle Cockroach Milk has amino acids which help in the cell growth. It is healthier than cow and buffalo milk because of its rich nutrient value and amino acids. The Scientists are doing more research on this Pacific Beetle cockroach in how many ways it is beneficial for the humans and are there any side effects.

If the research becomes successful and found pretty useful for humans, need millions of cockroaches even to make small pills. Apparently, extinction of this Hawaiin cockroach is inevitable.