Cricket lovers trolling ICC, #ShameOnICC on world trends

Cricket lovers trolling ICC, #ShameOnICC on world trends

Yesterday, another world cup match is been canceled due to rain. Till now, four matches have been called off due to rain and almost all these matches are key and big matches.

Over poor conducting of Cricket World Cup matches, the cricket lovers across the world have been lashing at ICC like anything. Some questioning how come ICC opts this monsoon season for World Cup, why not they opt July or August months if they want to conduct in England. 

If the rains spoiling the biggest event, why not ICC set reserve days to conduct the matches which called off due to rain.  Some fans hit out hard at ICC and wanted to focus on proper arranging of matches instead of focussing on players and the team what they have worn. 

Fans creating different types of innovative memes to troll ICC and call this world cup is rain cup and the players have to play with hats and to swim instead of running.  Some created ICC World Cup trophy with an umbrella over it as a replica of rain Cricket World and called the rain has won.

Some memes created extraordinarily as the players are playing under the water wearing oxygen cylinders.