Danger Bells ringing, Hyderabad is out of the water by 2020

Danger Bells ringing, Hyderabad is out of the water by 2020

Some parts of India are experiencing a severe scarcity of water. That scarcity reached danger level. Shockingly, one of the biggest cities of India, Chennai is in lack of water. Due to this, many companies shut down and ordered their employees to work from home.

Some companies ordered to bring their own water bottles. There are a lot of states and cities have this problem. If India won't open its eye, it is going to be an inevitable catastrophe to 40% of the population. 

By 2020, 21 cities are going to be completely out of groundwater, which means in a year. How terrifying it is? Besides, 40% of the population is going to face this water shortage by 2030 if it continues the same way. 

India ranks 120th out of 122 countries which is in a severe water crisis. In those 21 cities, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, and Bengaluru are there.

Over this, Niti Ayog has reported to the Indian government in 2018. Already, the Chennai water crisis is witnessing. What type of measures will be taken by the Telangana government to come out of this dangerous situation? and how the government is going to deal?.

Its time to wake up and create awareness in water management followed by the implementation of Water harvesting methods.