Deputy CM 'air' comments on Janasena Chief

Deputy CM 'air' comments on Janasena Chief

Post-Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan entered into the people’ arena, the game of vilification intensified on him. Well, Mr. Pawan Kalyan also not responding with more power to the comments of opposition parties.

Deputy CM, KE Krishnamurthy made sensational comments on Janasena Chief after his tweets targeted TDP in land acquisition and TTD Pink Diamond issue. Mr. Murthy made the mockery on Pawan Kalyan by comparing his tweets and comments to the ‘air’.

And also alleged that Janasena Chief didn’t know the difference between real and reel life. Without proper knowledge, his uttering the script of others blindly. The Deputy CM of AP wanted Pawan Kalyan to be responsible in make allegations on their party and leaders.

Mr. K.E said that 99% of Amaravati farmers have given their lands to the government willingly and claimed as Mr. Pawan Kalyan is misguiding the people of AP. He also commented that BJP is behind Ramadeekshitulu' allegations on TDP government and it is astonishing that Janasena Chief is backing the Former TTD high priest.

The political heat between Janasena and TDP is intensified even before the EC releases election notification for 2019.