Does banning E-cigarettes make sense? 

Does banning E-cigarettes make sense? 

With the Indian government banning vaping or e-cigarettes, critics are saying that the tobacco industry lobby may be at the root of it.  They cite data and aruge that vaping-related deaths are few and far between.  

Vijay Anand S says, "Vaping is banned, because it is bad for your health. The Government of India holds 28% of ITC directly and through different arms, which generates some 38,000 crores a year on the sale of tobacco. The bans on Vape is the worst move you can make. The industry will go dark and will get abused.  An emerging space needs to be closely monitored and regulated to prevent abuse."  

Scientist Anand Ranganathan says, "Deaths in India because of Tobacco: 1 million.  Deaths in India because of e-cigarettes: 0".  

In support of the ban, commentators argue that 27 countries have banned vaping over the years.  In China, the sale of e-cigarettes has been restricted.  

Some take the middle-ground and say that more research is needed. Christine Elliot says, "We will now require public hospitals to report statistical, non-identifying data on incidences of vaping-related severe pulmonary disease. This information will be critical as we continue to engage with leading experts to identify evidence-based solutions."