Review :Gaddalakonda Ganesh

Review :Gaddalakonda Ganesh

As per its director Harish Shankar, 'Valmiki' is a full-on mass entertainer.  A remake of the Tamil hit 'Jigarthanda', does it turn out to be the cult film that its Kollywood parent was?  Does the 'Gabbar Singh' and 'Duvvada Jagannadham' director deliver goods in remaking it faithfully?  Here we tell you in this detailed review.


Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Varun Tej) is a law unto himself in his village.  A merciless gangster, he knows no morals.

Abhi (Atharvaa Murali), a passionate assistant filmmaker, plans to make a film based on his life.  He and his friend (played by Sathya) follow his henchmen.

There comes a point where Ganesh discovers that he is being shadowed.  Abhi now has an exciting proposal for Ganesh. What is it and how do the lives of the duo change after this?  Answers to these questions are found in the second half.


After playing soft roles since his debut movie, Varun Tej has tried his hand at a "massy" role in 'Valmiki'.  He succeeds to a very large extent but the director should have avoided making his character a caricature.  His get-up and body language, for example, do look affected here and there.

Atharvaa Murali is convincing, he gets the nuances right.  Pooja Hegde finds it hard to slip into the role of a Telugu 'inti' village belle. Mrinalini Ravi is measured in the role of a meek yet naughty woman.  Brahmaji, Brahmanandam, Sathya and others are forgettable.

Technical Departments:

Mickey J Meyer's songs (especially 'Waka Waka') pass muster.  The RR is efficient, fitting the mould of a gangster comedy.  Ayananka Bose's cinematography is a big plus, capturing the ordinary locales of the fictional village smartly.  

Chota K Prasad's editing could have been better.  At 173 minutes, the film is too lengthy.  The art department does a sharp work.

What Works:

The storyline is interesting.

Casting the classy Mega hero in a villainous role is refreshing.

The last half an hour is substantial.  Emotions are apt in this segment.

The theme of the film is delightful.  Story writer Karthik Subbaraj gets the idea right.

What Fails: 

The comedy is weak.  Sathya is boring as a wannabe hero.  Brahmaji goes overboard.

The action moments are pretty ordinary.

The screenplay lacks detailing.  Varun Tej is a one-note villain in the first half.

The love story was not part of the original.  Pooja Hegde's character and her scenes with Varun Tej are routine.

The run time is a big let down.  173 minutes is too much.

The henchmen of Ganesh are over indulged.

Overall Analysis:

The gangster comedy has no depth that a dark comedy is expected to have.  A number of scenes are repetitive.  Varun Tej's character is fresh.  The soul of the original is lost in translation because there is no novelty in how Ganesh turns a new leaf.  All in all, the film might work to a limited extent.