Here is  Why PM trolled with #S*xistModi remarks?

Here is  Why PM trolled with #S*xistModi remarks?

At Present, ‘#S*xistModi’ is trending top on social media for PM Narendra Modi’s comment on women. This trolling is started by the Congress. 

PM Narendra Modi who is leading the nation of having more female power than male has made a comment in order to gain the credit of giving gas cylinders to the poor women under Ujjwala Yojana. What made Congress to troll Modi with such remark? What is that comment?

To know, we’ve to rewind the recent Ujjwala Yojana event in Odisha. Our Honourable Prime Minister has interacted with the women while handing over them gas cylinders under Ujjwala Yojana has lead to this current ire.

In an interaction, while boasting himself the savior of those poor women from the kitchen difficulties has said that the women are the main cause for the men beating them. Because of their behaving only, men beating them and he rescued them by giving gas cylinders. He made the statement which reflects the above meaning.

During conservation with Sushmita Kabata from Mayurbhanj Odisha, he said to her,”Now when the lord & master [patidev] asks for tea you must be giving it immediately, so there must be fewer fights in the house?".

As said above, the essence of comment is that the women give tea immediately to their husbands at least from now onwards which evade some fights in the house. The Congress and the Twitterati found that the essence of Modi’ statement is like restricting them to the Kitchen’ and also it is like supporting domestic violence indirectly.
The Congress which said that a person who leads the nation didn’t make such statement has started trolling PM Modi by also digging out the previous statements made by him against women including Ramayana comment on Renuka Chowdary’ laughter in the parliament, 50cr girlfriend comment on Late Sunanda Pushkar, 'Despite being a women Zero tolerance' comment on Bangladesh PM Haseena followed by the cases on their leaders for harassing the women.

Earlier, BJP MLAs caught in assembly for watching porn. As per some statistics, BJP is the party which has many leaders who harassed women in various ways.

On Modi’ comment, Congress trolling with ‘SexistModi’ remark on top by deserting Indian PM’ behavior and language on women.