Review: Honeymoon

Review: Honeymoon
'Honeymoon', a web series, is currently streaming on Aha. A coming-of-age romantic-comedy involving a married couple, it is dubbed from Tamil. Here is our review.

Praveen (Nagabhushana) and Tejaswini (Sanjana Anand) get married and embark on a honeymoon. A series of unexpected events unfold in their lives as Praveen tries to consummate his marriage. While on his honeymoon, he comes to know of a shocking truth about his wife's past. This threatens to complicate their relationship. Can they make up?
Nagabhushana delivers a somewhat caricaturish act. But his comic timing is decent enough, overall. Sanjana Anand is good in the role of a wife whose outlook is modern and is in her skin adjusting with her spouse. Pawan Kumar, Apoorva Bharadwaj, Anand Ninasam, Mahadev, Poorna, Archana Kotige and Imran Pasha form part of the cast.
Technical Departments:
Cinematography by Shreesha Kuduvalli and Rahul Roy is able. Music by Vasuki Vaibhav is borrowed, while editing by Pradeeep Nayak could have been smarter.
Plus Points:
The initial episodes create and sustain interest. The wedding-time gossip, the anxiety of the husband ahead of first night, the subtle humour, etc. are handled well.
The husband's behaviour after his wife delivers a shocker is interesting. There is a trace of slice-of-drama there. 
The episodes are mostly less than 22 minutes on average.
The Kerala backdrop is explored well. 
Minus Points:
The lead man overdoes his awkwardness.
Some of the scenes are too buffoonic. Like where a friend gifts the male lead a pack of condoms with all seriousness. 
The bumbling behaviour of the hero during the first night doesn't work much.
The feeling of inferiority in the husband's character should have been elevated cleverly.
The language of the wife is a leap of faith here and there. She calls her hubby an insensitive, filthy, selfish male just a day after their marriage.
The introduction of an escort is convenient and suffers from the male gaze.
Overall Analysis:
'Honeymoon' is good when it tries to be nothing more than a timepass comedy. But when it tries to chew more than what it can swallow, the web series becomes too cliched.