How To Fight Depression?

How To Fight Depression?

Twitter is abuzz with the #HowIFightDepression hashtag.  Quite topical, given that depression and stress are the biggest mental health issues around.  Experts and commentators are proferring doable solutions and here we bring you some of the best, to-the-point tweets on the issue.  

"Depression is a liar. If it tells you to isolate, don't. If it tells you to self medicate, don't. If it tells you to not eat, eat. If it tells you to hide your suffering, tell someone. Learn the language of depression, fight it, listen to your rational mind," a Twitter user says, prodding the depressed people to start taking life into their hands.  

Maurice Benard puts it compellingly when he says, "When you are depressed, you feel so ugly inside, you don’t want to get out of bed, you don’t want to work out, you don’t wanna do anything.  Guess what-DO IT ANYWAY." 

Author Adam Koebel writes, "I don’t fight depression. You can’t fight it, that implies you can just win and it’s over. Depression isn’t a combat scenario. It’s about developing tools to cope with it, live alongside it and not let it bring you down."  

Not all depression can be overcome by oneself.  Medical help is a must in extreme cases.  So, the suggestion that we don't need doctors to combat depression is not a wise one.