Hurrah! The new invention is here for the bikers safety

Hurrah! The new invention is here for the bikers safety

Across the nation, bike accidents are huge in numbers. Many bikers lost their lives due to accidents. Maybe many thought of the technology to rescue the bikers from deaths when they met with accidents. 

There are many rules for the safety of bikers but it has become quite common to evade also. In Asia, bike accidents are in big numbers when compared to other parts of the world.

As said above, many thought of airbag technology how the balloons from all sides will pop up and helps in rescuing the drivers or the people in the car. But this in-built facility is only for certain section of expensive cars. Now, it is available to most and the people can use if they want.

Now, this same type of technology is using for the bike riders. This airbag technology is easily attached to the bike seats and the bikers wear it like a normal belt. When the bike hits or skid, the airbag comes out of the seat from all the corners and covers till head to the feat like a shield. And this seat is readymade and eject-free.

When the bike met with an accident, the seat ejects automatically by popping up the air balloon from all the corners. So, the bike riders come out safely even without a scratch. 

At present, this project video is circulating on the internet. But one thing is unknown whether this technology is already available or in process.