India most dangerous for women? Seriously?

India most dangerous for women? Seriously?

Thomson Reuters has in a survey discovered that India is the world's most dangerous country for women.  Even Afghanistan and Syria are at No. 2 and No. 3.  The countries are followed by Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, DRC, Yemen, Nigeria, and United States.  The US is the only Western country in Top 10.  

Predictably, the Opposition has uncritically accepted the survey's results.  Rahul Gandhi today said, "While our PM tiptoes around his garden making Yoga videos, India leads Afghanistan, Syria and Saudi Arabia in rape and violence against women. What a shame for our country!"

The fact that India is ranked above even hell-holes like Syria is a joke.  Who were surveyed by Reuters, in the first place?  Says columnist Aarti Tikoo Singh, "The Thompson Reuters Foundation poll is based on the perception of over 500 "experts" and not on the perception of common women in India. How can Syria, where ISIS jihadis held women captive as sex slaves, be more safe for women? Why is Indian media buying statistical gibberish?"  

The Union Women and Child Development Ministry has rightly rejected the survey.  

Author Rajiv Malhotra observes, "The most elementary methodological error is that the statistics for problems facing women were not stated in proportion to population. Mostly the climax of Atrocity Literature in media."