India roars #DhoniKeepTheGlove in world trends, When BCCI stands

India roars #DhoniKeepTheGlove in world trends, When BCCI stands

After Former Indian Skipper, Wicket Keeper, Dhoni has kept the wickets with gloves where Indian Army Logo is imprinted against South Africa match, it has become a heated debate after ICC requested BCCI to remove the logo from Dhoni gloves. 

Over this plea of ICC, it's not gone well with entire India. Each and every Indian took to Twitter and questioning the ethics of ICC. How ICC has allowed religious prayers of Pakistan on cricket ground? And how it became a problem to ICC when MS Dhoni wears who has Lt. Colonel rank.

Twitterati slams ICC that the Balidan Badge which is on Dhoni's gloves is a replica of Para Military's sacrifice for the nation and it is not against or favoring any religion or custom.  He wears in an honor of Para Military. 

Along with millions of Indians, BCCI also stands with MS Dhoni. CoA Chief Vinod Rai says, “ICC must allow Dhoni to keep wearing same gloves. As per the reports, BCCI requested ICC to allow MSD to keep the gloves.

Not only Twitterati but also Popular film stars from different states also supporting Dhoni with hashtag #DhoniKeepTheGlove. They also suggesting the ICC instead of concentrating on Dhoni' gloves, concentrating on umpires, especially yesterday' Chris Gayle' out to No-Ball is a big blunder. Twitterati also slamming the Umpire who has given out to Chris Gayle for a free-hit delivery.