Is 'Dhadak' a blunder overall?

Is 'Dhadak' a blunder overall?

We in South India have had high expectations from Janhvi Kapoor's 'Dhadak' only because she is late Sridevi's daughter.  A gorgeous girl, the beauty is debuting with the Hindi-language romantic drama that is set to hit the cinemas on July 20.  Its Trailer is out and guess what, it has already offended the fans of 'Sairat', the Marathi film whose remake 'Dhadak' is.  

If Sairat's many fans are to be believed, 'Dhadak' is a distortion of the original classic.  "Regional cinema is soulful, it captures the dialect & earthen humor so well. A Bollywood remake is almost a parody by ham actors and a khichdi of local dialect and Hindi. #Sairat vs #Dhadak is #Reebok vs #Reebook," a Twitter user says. 

Opines Kunam Kamra, "Bollywood decides to make a movie about evils of caste & class... Then they cast 2 actors who have 0 credentials but nepotism backing them...Thoda badam khao aur apni one dimensional zindagi se bahar niklo, Karan Johar." 

Sumit Kadel notes, "Sairat is the most raw and realistic love story I have seen in Indian cinema. Its actors lived their part, not acted it. No adaption can come even 1% close to the original. I will watch #Dhadak without comparing it to 'Sairat', then I hope I would end up liking it."

There is this allegation that the caste angle too has been removed in the remake.  If true, the whole point of 'Dhadak' is this: mockery.