Jambalakidi Pamba: Here is 'Delivery Bar' for Men on account of Women' Day

Jambalakidi Pamba: Here is 'Delivery Bar' for Men on account of Women' Day

Today, the entire world is celebrating Women's day where without women there are no men. All the men are hailing the women for their contribution to the development of society as well as what we are now.

Not Today, every day every woman need to be honored for their selfless service to the families and to the world. On this eve, we're bringing a 'deliver bar' who wants to know the greatness of women. How they sustain pain(which is inexplicable in words) by bringing a new life to the world. 

China has introduced a 'delivery bar' for the men to experience the pain of women when they giving birth to.  They conducted a contest too. In this contest, some who experienced the pain of delivery has hugged their wives how they've tolerated that much pain.

Yes, a big salute to our mothers and every woman who existed in this world. Truly, we are nothing without them. Without them, Men are always incomplete.

Well, Men experiencing labor pain was seen in 1992' Telugu comedy film, 'Jambalakidi Pamba', which was a classic directed by EVV Satyanarayana. At this moment, it is right to remind this great director for thinking two decades ahead in the 1990s.

Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger' 1994's comedy flick 'Junior' was the film where Arnold got pregnancy and the problems faced by the protagonist.