KCR gives sops to Tollywood

KCR gives sops to Tollywood
Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday mentioned a slew of sops to the Telugu film industry in the TRS manifesto ahead of GHMC polls. 
Here are the sops to the film industry:

Government to waive off minimum fixed power charges for all theaters in Telangana from March to October this year. Theatres didn't function during the said period. And they will be allowed to be reopened all over from December.

The GST amount for movies whose budget is under Rs 10 Cr will be waived off only if they are produced and shot in the State. This is understandable, given that employment boosting is the major motive behind the sop.

Flexible ticket pricing has been introduced. Exhibitors now have the prerogative to raise ticket prices. 
Theatres can also screen more than four shows a day as they deem fit.