‘Manikarnika’ Kangana Ranaut is not a monster

‘Manikarnika’ Kangana Ranaut is not a monster

From the past few weeks, there has been speculations doing rounds that Kangana Ranaut has taken the reigns of Manikarnika and the director, Krish, writer Vijayendra Prasad and actor Sonu Sood has left the project amidst unable to tolerate her high hand in the project.

Over these rumors, Baahubali writer Vijayendra Prasad responded that everything is fine. And everyone is working as a cohesive unit. While speaking to the popular English daily, Vijayendra Prasad said that Kangana is not a monster as everyone is portraying her to be.

The director Krish Jagarlamudi has successfully completed the project except for a few patchwork scenes and he hasn’t walked away. Coming to Kangana’ direction, the actress has come up with some enhancements to the script which would elevate film’ emotional appeal to the next level.

But the director Krish who has committed to NTR biopic has expressed his unavailability.  Because of his unavailability only, Kangana is directing those scenes. And whatever the speculations of Kangana’ dominance are completely untrue.

About Sonu Sood' exit, the actor is said to have some issues with Kangana and the filmmakers. Manikarnika is slated for the grand release on 26th January 2019.