Modi government hit by Jio controversy 

Modi government hit by Jio controversy 

What if your school principal recognizes an unborn baby as the best student?  This is what seems to have been done for real!  

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has recognized six institutions of higher education with the status of Institutes of Eminence.  

However, the yet-to-be-born Jio Institute of Reliance Foundation is one of the three private institutes that has been given the IoE status.  This has become controversial.  "This preferential treatment to an Ambani University that does not yet exist is shocking. Particularly when several first-rate private universities have been bypassed. Are they being punished for the brilliance and independence of mind of their scholars?" asks historian Ramachandra Guha.

"How did they evaluate this Jio Institute to decide it was better than IIT Madras or IIT Kharagpur or so many other historic Institutions? How can an Institution that is in the process of being set up be declared Institution of Eminence? This is a crying shame," says columnist Sumanth Raman.

However, the government has said that Jio has been given the status under Greenfield category.  Moreover, there is no truth in the claim that the Modi government will give Rs. 1000 crores to Jio as part of the scheme.  The grant won't be there for the private institutes.  So, Jio Institute won't get any amount.  Only selected govt institutes will get the grant.