Rahul Gandhi decency wins hearts amid PJ Kurien' embarrassing translation

Rahul Gandhi decency wins hearts amid PJ Kurien' embarrassing translation

AICC President Rahul Gandhi is in Kerala for his two-day visit. As part of Lok Sabha Elections campaigning, Rahul Gandhi has to address grand meetings in various places.

It is known that Rahul Gandhi is contesting from Wayanad, Kerala. Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi has attended the public meeting at Pathanapuram, Kollum district, Kerala. It is quite common that there are translators to translate National Leaders' speech in native language.

Senior Congress Leader, Educationalist, P J Kurien has taken that responsibility to translate Rahul' speech in Malayalam. But that translation resulted in embarrassment as the Senior Congress Leader unable to translate perfectly. This video depicts that P J Kurien didn't hear the Mr.Rahul Gandhi' statements properly which split into laughs to the viewers who watch the video or the people who gathered in large numbers.

P J Kurien' gestures proving that he didn't hear Rahul' voice properly it is because of huge noise which generally happens in the grand public meetings. Besides, the age factor also. Well, sometimes this sort of things will happen. With this, it is not right to comment either Senior Congress Leader of Rahul. 

The impressive thing is Rahul' decency.  Without showing any sign of impatience, Rahul reiterated the same statements to P J Kurien who is been struggling to understand. And RaGa didn't lose his temper and maintained his uber cool smiley face, which is truly adorable.

Even PJ Kurien wrongly translated AICC NYAY scheme how their government will spend 72,000cr money to poor people of India every year. But he interpreted as Congress will deposit 72,000cr every month to the poor people of India.

At last, Rahul Gandhi ended up his speech by saying that he will learn Malayalam.

This translation video of PJ Kurien has become viral on social media. As usual, supporters hailing Rahul' decency and patience whereas BJP supporters are trolling.