Review: Chinnababu(Karthi, Sayyeshaa)

Review: Chinnababu(Karthi, Sayyeshaa)

Cast : Karthi, Sayyeshaa Saigal, Sathyaraj
Music : D. Imman
DOP: R. Velraj
Editor : Ruben
Producers : Suriya Sivakumar
Director : Pandiraj

Today's release, Chinna Babu marks the return of Karthi after his hit film Khaki. The film is carrying decent expectations and is out in the open now. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.

Chinna Babu played by Karthi is highly loved by his five sisters and their families. But things come to a point where two of his sisters want to somehow get their daughters married so that they can have all the property. Sayesha Saigal, who is the heroine of the film plays a spoiler here and impresses Chinna Babu who decides to marry her at any cost. This leads to mayhem in the family with everyone getting upset. Finally, how Chinna Babu convinces his family is the crux of the film.

Karthi is awesome as the rugged village man who preaches the greatness of farming to all. His smile and the way he holds the fort in the family drama is what is attractive. Karti's emotional performance in the climax is amazing. Sayesha is cute as the village belle and does what is asked of her. 

Satya Raj is good as the bigwig of the family but his dubbing done by Balu is not good. As the film is a Tamil dubbing one, most of the film boasts of Tamil actors and they do well. Suri, the trending comedian has done a very good job of evoking laughs now and then.

The joint family culture and the love and bonding which everybody shares are missing nowadays. This has been captured impressively in Chinna Babu and drives the film together. Director Pandiaraj infuses situational comedy dealing with all the problems is nice to an extent. 

There are certain emotional scenes which will connect with the elderly people in the family. Small ego issues and how one becomes petty because of that is showcased intelligently. The film has a canvas of a big festival and that lights up the screen for the most part. A lot of money has been spent to show the villages grandly and that is shown on screen.

What clicks:
Family bonding

What flops:
Tamil nativity

Overall analysis:
Village dramas have become a rarity in our films. This is the time Karthi and team have come up with an emotional family bonding kind of a film which has good entertainment as well as a nice message. Even though such joint family culture is rare now, the family audience will connect with the film and have a good time loving Chinna Babu.