Review: Kaala(Rajinikanth)

Review: Kaala(Rajinikanth)

Starring : Rajinikanth, Huma Qureshi, Nana Patekar
Director : Pa. Ranjith
Producers : Dhanush
Music Director : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematographer : G. Murali Vardhan
Editor : Sreekar Prasad

Whenever there is a Rajani film coming everyone in the country gets excited. The same has happened once again as the new film Kaala has made it to the screens today. Read on to see whether Rajini has in him to still entertain the audience.

Kaala played by Rajini is a man of the masses in worlds bigger slum called Dharavi which is located in Mumbai. A corrupt minister played by Nana Patrika eyes this massive slum and wants to change it into a pure Mumbai by illegal means. Kaala stands in front of his mission and how he saves the masses forms the crux of this film.

Rajini is a mature man now and uses no more cheap tricks to play and look young. His role has been designed in a dignified manner and he plays it to the galleries with ease. The original style of Rajini is intact but the power has reduced a bit. 

Eeswari Rao plays the over the top mass wife of Rajini in a thumping manner and her chemistry with our Thalaiva is great. Bollywood babe, Huma Qureshi is neat as Kaala's love interest and gets recognition for her role. But it is Hindi actor Nana Patekar who is man who breathes life into the film with his hard hitting looks and dialogues.

The film suffers heavily with mass emotions. The film is all about the suppressed who want to come out fighting for their rights. In showcasing all this director Pa Ranjith bores the audience with so manh tracks which are unnecessary. The proceedings are so dull that you get suffocated at times in the first half. Story wise the film does not click one bit as the same old problems have been shown in so many films.

While Santosh Narayanan's music is quite outdated his bgm has some effects. The look and field of the film is massive as thousands of junior artists appear in many scenes. The runtime is also pathetically long and can take you down. This is not the regular gangster drama where you get to clap in every scene but it is the one which needs a lot of patience to withstand.

What clicks:
Nana Patekar

What flops:
Same old story
Slow pace
Lack of entertainment 

Overall analysis:
Everyone goes to watch Rajini films to see his style and vigor. But from the past two films Rajini is playing mature roles and the entertainment value is missing. The same is the case is with Kaala too as it is a tad better than Kabali and can be seen if you are only a fan of Rajini.