Review: Mr. KK(Chiyaan Vikram, Abi Hassan, Akshara Haasan)

Review: Mr. KK(Chiyaan Vikram, Abi Hassan, Akshara Haasan)

Mr. KK', starring 'Chiyaan' Vikram in a layered role, has been directed by Rajesh M Selva of 'Cheekati Rajyam' ('Thoongavanam' in Tamil) fame.  Co-produced by Kamal Haasan, this one released this Friday amid low expectations in Telugu.  At a time when Vikram's hold over the Telugu box-office has waned, what does this film offer?  Here we tell you.  

Vasu (Abi Hasan) and Adhira (Akshara Haasan) are a doting couple.  The former is a doctor in a hospital, while the latter is an expectant mother.  

The film is set in Malaysia.  KK (Vikram) is admitted in the hospital where Vasu works.  As he undergoes treatment, KK's life has a threat.  An unknown entity bludgeons Vasu and abducts Adhira.  He asks Vasu to get KK smuggled out of the hospital.  Worried for his wife, Vasu obliges.

However, once KK regains his conscious, things go topsy-turvy.  Adhira is hidden at an unknown place by her captors, while Vasu and KK are on the run from the police.  

The audience are told that KK is a former double agent whom a villainous cop wants to kill.  Can KK save himself and, in the process, Vasu and his pregnant wife?

For the Telugu audience, Vikram is the only familiar face in the movie.  Sporting a salt and pepper beard, the 'Aparichitudu' sensation plays a grey role with confidence.  He looks macho in the action scenes.  

The other actors are just about average.  Nobody registers himself in the minds of the audience to a large extent.  Akshara is neglected in the second half.  Too much focus on Abi Hasan but the young actor, who is somewhat like Karthi in terms of facial features, doesn't quite make the cut. 

Technical Departments:
Ghibran's background score is the film's biggest highlight, as it is the one feature that sucks the audience into the narration.  Just as the viewer starts getting lost in boredom, a loud sound shakes him or her out of absentmindedness.  

Srinivas R Gutha's cinematography is adequate.  Kaula Lumpu's many lanes and even those areas that are unsophisticated are captured ably.  Praveen KL's editing is found wanting here and there.  

What Works:
The style quotient:  The frames are well-arranged.  The costumes, the paraphernalia, the externalities are all appealing.
The Hollywoodian narration can appeal to a section of the audience.  There are no unnecessary dialogues.  
The film avoids melodrama.  

What Fails:
The biggest demerit is that there is no enough of Vikram in the movie.  His character gets over-clouded by Abi Hasan's character.  Had it been titled 'Mr. Vasu', we wouldn't have expected so much from Vikram perhaps.  
When you are telling the story of a gutsy, deadly double agent, there has to be adequate investment in the character.  The writing department gives Vikram a short-shrift.  He hardly has a page of dialogues throughout the movie.
The suspense over why the villainous cop wants to murder Vikram's character is revealed soon.  After that, there is nothing much to hold our interest.
The emotional bonding between the husband the wife is superficial.
Two songs are totally outdated.

Overall Analysis:
'Mr KK' is not for those who look for regular commercial elements.  It's for those who like 120-minute-long films that look like Hollywood entertainers.  The film is said to be a remake of the 2010 French movie 'Point Blank'.  It's not properly Indianized.  All that you get is a very sketchy story-telling style.