Review: Naa Nuvve(Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Tamannaah)

Review: Naa Nuvve(Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Tamannaah)

Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Tamannaah
Dop: P.C Sreeram
Music: Sharreth
Produced By: Kiran Muppavarpu, Vijaykumar Vattikuti
Directed By: Jayendra Panchapakesan


Naa Nuvve is a film which has been made to present Kalyan Ram in a romantic manner. Jayendra, who earlier made 180 has been given the responsibility and let us see if he manages to successfully showcase Kalyan Ram in a new role altogether.

Naa Nuvve is the story of a girl called Meera played by Tamanna who believes in destiny. But a small book which she finds makes her meet Varun which is played by Kalyan Ram. Destiny strikes between the couple and Meera falls head over heels for Varun. But sadly, Varun does not heed to Meera and keeps moving away from her through various twists. The cruz of the story is how Meera wins her love back.

Kalyan Ram shines in his latest makeover. The glasses look and toned body suits him well in most of the scenes. Acting wise he could have done better as he is very weak in the emotional department. Tamannaah is the star of the film as she look gorgeous and also carries the film forward with her role. Posani was good but Bittiri Santhi was irritating to say the least with his comedy. Bharani plays the routine father in every film of his.

The film has absolutely no entertainment which is a terrible thing to say. The emotions did not work and there was no proper connect between Tamanna and Kalyan Ram which is a must in every romantic film. As if that was not okay, the weak execution from Jayendra makes matters worse. There is not a point in the film where you get excited about the love story. Such is the slow pace of the film. Even more insulting is that some of the good songs are not even used properly on the narrative.

What clicks:

What flops:
Bad screenplay
Lack of entertainment
Lack of emotions
Chemistry between the lead pair

Overall Analysis:
Romantic dramas always need simple and emotional connect which engrosses the audience into the storyline. Beautiful songs, pretty heroine and good romance make things even better. But Kalyan Ram's Naa Nuvve does not tick any of the boxes above and goes away from its direction leaving many disappointed.