Review : Parichayam (Virat Konduru, Simrat Kaur)

Review : Parichayam (Virat Konduru, Simrat Kaur)

Cast: Virat Konduru, Simrat Kaur

Music: Shekar Chandra

DOP: Naresh Kancharana

Editor : Praveen Poodi

Producer: Riyaz

Director: Lakshmikanth Chenna

Along with Lover and Wife of Ram, a film by name Parichayam has made it to the screens today. Read on to find out whether it has in it to sustain itself in this serious competition.


Anand played by Virat falls head on heels with his childhood friend Lakshmi played by Simrat Kaur. After trying hard of wooing her, Anand finally wins his love. The couple decides to marry each other but tragedy strikes as Lakhsmi loses her memory all of a sudden and fails to recognize Anand. In such a situation, Anand does not leave his lady love and make her get better with all his efforts. How does he do that is the crux of the story.


It is the first film for Virat Konduru and he is decent in whatever he does. He looks a bit raw but with time, he can be a good talent as he has that facial expression nicely intact. Comedian Prudhvi gets a good role after ages and is nice as a responsible father. His chemistry with Rajeev Kanakala is good.

Simart Kaur is a beauty in the film as she is cute, talented and expressions all her emotions well. This is her second film and she is better when compared to her debut film in looks and acting wise. 


The screenplay goes for a beating in this film as the slow pace is the villain here. The point that the director is the same as the Hollywood films Dear John and this is where things become so very predictable. Emotions only work in places and this is because of the bad writing which does not help matters.

Music and background are not the ones to be even discussed. The pleasing visuals of Vizag and Araku are the only good to the eye but one cannot bear the story of Lakshmikanth Chenna which is water thin.

What Clicks:

Simrat Kaur

What Flops:

Slow Pace

Lack of Emotions

Overall analysis:

Parichayam falls in the list of those film which will come and go without a trace. Nor the subject is great or the treatment of it is new. Lakshmikanth Chenna who made the blockbuster Angrez fails in his second film as the film has not comedy nor emotions which will drag you to the theaters.