Review: Super Over

Review: Super Over
'Super Over' is the latest web release. Produced by Sudheer Varma of 'Swamy Ra Ra' and 'Ranarangam' fame, it is now streaming on Aha. Here is our review of the thriller.
Kaasi (Naveen Chandra) is friends with Vaasu (Rakendu Mouli) and Madhu (Chandini Chowdary). When he is buffeted by financial troubles, Kaasi is tempted to try his hand at cricket betting after a chance encounter with an old friend who is ruling the roost in the betting world. He engages with Murali (Praveen), a small-time punter. When Kaasi bets big and wins a huge chunk of cash, he ends up facing multiple problems over a night. A cop (played by Ajay) is involved in this. 
This is a film with rather surface-level performances. Naveen Chandra and Rakendu Mouli get more screentime than Chandini Chowdary, who goes missing for a while before coming back in the climax. The 'Aravindha Sametha' actor is one-note, so also Mouli, who is forced to repeat more or less the same stuff throughout. Chandini, who recently shined in 'Colour Photo', is adequate but she could have been better. 
Ajay is caricaturish in the role of a supposedly tough cop who loves his mother. Praveen is inadequate, while Viva Harsha is okay in a cameo. 
Technical Departments:
Sunny MR's background score passes muster. It suits the genre, by and large. The compose should have avoided rehashing the 'Arjun Reddy' score in two of the scenes where Ajay is seen. Divakar Mani's cinematography is adept. Most of the web film unfolds during a night. The visuals capture the bylanes of Hyderabad well.
The term 'Super Over' has an instant ring for cricket lovers, especially after the 2019 ICC World Cup. While a super over in a tied match comes with a lot of suspense, this web film is anything but. The premise is interesting enough but the follow-up is barely entertaining.
At just about 80 minutes, the web film is too superficial and the climax is shockingly abrupt. There is no detailing and, in the name of being racy, the film feels like watching the highlights of an ordinary over of a cricket match.
The staging of the conversations between the three friends is artificial. Their conversations have no special vibes even when they are in the most extraordinary situation. In 'Swamy Ra Ra' and such films, the characters betray surprise and emote in a distinct manner when they are in a unique situation. Here, nothing of that sort happens. 
Too many coincidences make the proceedings all the more laughable. It's as if there are only a handful of people in Hyderabad. And they keep bumping into each other so very conveniently.
It wouldn't have been bad had the run-time been 20 minutes more. The screenplay technique is not novel either. The story is narrated thrice, from the standpoint of different characters. It is all tiresome when some things don't even need an explanation and are shown visually. 
'Super Over' is a contrived thriller with a rushed and simplistic climax. Director Praveen Varma should have chosen meaty situations to make the drama exciting and relatable.