Review: Vijetha(Kalyaan Dhev, Murali Sharma, Malavika Nair)

Review: Vijetha(Kalyaan Dhev, Murali Sharma, Malavika Nair)

Cast: Kalyaan Dhev, Malavika Nair, Murali Sharma
Music: Harshavardhanraj
DOP: K. K. Senthil Kumar
Producers : Sai Korrapati
Director : Rakesh Shashi

Vijetha happens to be the big plunge of Kalyan Dhev into the world of movies. Vaarahi banner has taken the mantle of launching Kalyan and they have come up with a film called Vijetha which has made it to the screens. Read on to see if they manage to launch Kalyan in a successful way.

Vijetha is all about a loser played by Kalyan Dhev. He is like any other aimless guy we come across in the society who faces wrath from his father Murali Sharma all the time. But there is that one moment which drifts him apart from his father and his care. How an aimless guy becomes something in life and fulfills his father's long cherished dream is the crux of the story. 

Kalyan Dhev looks well trained and is good for a first-timer. He has a long way to go as an actor and is decent looks wise. Dances wise he has decent screen presence but needs more experience under his belt. The way he has performed in front of an experienced campaigner like Murali Sharma showcases his talent. 

Speaking of Murali Sharma, he is the backbone of the film and gives his career best and leaves you in awe of him. He is the one who brings a reason to the emotions. Malavika Nair has nothing to do in the film. Tanikella Bharani was good.

The story of Vijetha is as old as my grandmother and has been made in Indian cinema so many times in all languages. But it is the freshness factor which is brought through Murali Sharma's character and his son fulfilling his dream of his father. 

The family emotions are very strong and will relate to every father who is facing the burden of the family. No marks to music and the camerawork by the great Senthil who has done nothing new in terms of lighting. Director Rakesh Rishi has chosen the old route and made sure that mega-hero has not much burden on his shoulders during his debut film.

What clicks:
Murali Sharma

What flops:
Old Story
Slow narration

Overall Analysis:
Father and son stories have come in good numbers in the past. What differentiates one another is the way they are narrated. The same happens with Vijetha as the old school story is translated in a good manner and this is what will tick with the family audience who connect to stories like these which are very relatable and give a joy in watching.