Right from KL Rahul' selection, Is it BCCI' politics results in an abrupt end to in-form Rayudu' career

Right from KL Rahul' selection, Is it BCCI' politics results in an abrupt end to in-form Rayudu' career

Today, the abrupt end to the career of in-form batsman Ambati Rayudu due to politics in BCCI.  Rayudu who has been lauded as Sachin' replacement has faced a lot of obstacles right from his domestic cricket to now International Cricket.

With his fighting spirit, Rayudu has selected to the Indian team in late age when compared to how North Indian players will be selected immediately after playing U19 world cup matches, especially UP and Mumbai. 

If we observe the statistics just before the BCCI announces team for world cup 2019, Ambati Rayudu is the only batsman who truly eligible to play for team India in the N0.4 position. Yes, he is in prime form.  But BCCI has the heart to give a chance to KL Rahul who has been failing from the last one and a half year.

If we take light as Vijay Shankar is selected for all-rounder category, why not Rayudu isn't immediately called when Shikhar Dhawan followed by Shankar is injured.

How can they select Rishabh Pant when already another in-form wicket Dinesh Karthik is there with the team if they selected Pant on the basis of team India requires an extra-wicket keeper. Besides, how can the BCCI select Mayank Agarwal who didn't make any ODI debut based on sheer IPL performances? 

To select for World Cup, BCCI has to consider the experience too. Sadly, BCCI has abruptly ended the career of Ambati Rayudu with dirty politics. Is it BCCI or Chief Selector MSK Prasad?

Twitterati slamming BCCI and MSK Prasad over the politics. Even celebs like Siddharth also tweeted how life is unfair towards incredible talent like Ambati Rayudu.

Ambati Rayudu has the best average of 47 tantamount to Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and MS Dhoni.  The way Rayudu' career is ending now proves that one must need a godfather especially to success in Indian cricket.

Who is backing up KL Rahul? How was he selected for World Cup 19?  Definitely, someone is backing this Rahul who is in poor touch more than a year and he got repeated chances too. As per the Twitterati, he got Virat' support that's why he is picked to WC squad. KL Rahul' chanting Virat name in Koffee With Karan and some reality show proves how best he is at flattery.  Everyone knows who is following world cup that how Rahul is consuming too many deliveries and mounting up pressuer on other batsman. His selection is because of favoritism in BCCI and also he is a puppet to top guns as per the twitterati.