#RSSVsSanju: Major Controversy erupts

#RSSVsSanju: Major Controversy erupts

While Ranbir Kapoor’ mesmerizing and Rajkumar Hirani’ brilliance is reigning the box office at one end, on the other end controversies are mounting up Sanju. Now RSS’ weekly ‘Panchajanya’  published a detailed article over Sanjay Dutt how he is such a disgrace to their parents followed by his three marriages and the strained relationship with his daughter.

In the article, they criticized team Sanju for glorifying the criminal by hiding conviction of Mr. Dutt in arms case followed by Mumbai blasts and his connection with underworld mafia. Panchajanya also stated that Hollywood is making on great Indians like Ramanujam whereas Bollywood stooping to new lows by making the biopics of criminals and glorifying them.

RSS also alleged that the film Sanju brushed away his criminal image and made him real hero by nurturing sympathy.

Over RSS comments, Bollywood backs Sanju filmmakers and said that everyone has right to criticize but cannot question the integrity of the filmmaker. Before RSS, some critics criticized Sanju for portraying Mr. Dutt as innocent by hiding the dark chapters of him.

Now RSS pitched their voice high in their style. Some section of Twitterati backing RSS comments over Sanju.