Salute this Iranian teacher what he has done for his student is a great thing

Salute this Iranian teacher what he has done for his student is a great thing

In the universe, after mother and father, the teacher has great importance. The mother who brings us to the world and the teacher who nurtures knowledge in us and makes us strong to survive and conquer the world.

Maybe many things can be replaced but not mother' love, father'care and the teacher' guidance. There may be different apps to teach but real education only learn in the presence of the teachers.

Teachers are only persons who enjoy their students' success as their own and they become leaders to our success, ever and forever. Even we complain against them but they won't. They put all their best efforts to shape us better and beautiful souls.

Here is one such great teacher who has come all the way for his cancer-stricken student and shares with him what he has taught for that day. This is truly a remarkable sight to watch and its an inspiring thing for many.

Normally, no one would like to allocate time for the students after school because they've their own life. And it is quite common if they've separate tutorials outside the school. 

But this teacher' humanity and love for his student is truly moving and motivating saga, which everyone has to learn and follow in this mechanized digital world where there is no value for emotions, where only values money.

This type of teachers truly gives wonderful and great minds to the universe which in terms inspire many. Hats off! to this Iranian teacher for his golden heart and being the role model.