Sarkaaru Vaari Paata gets a sensational PRO

Sarkaaru Vaari Paata gets a sensational PRO

It is quite common that fans asking for updates if their matinee idol's film shoot starts. Now, this craving has been being more as their demigods' didn't shoot due to pandemic.

And it is a common tradition too that production houses won't reveal any updates until apt time. Their silence leads to disappointment for fans. To rescue fans from such disappointments, a top music director himself turned into a PRO. Yes, he is none other than, SS Thaman.

He is disclosing exciting updates about many films. Well, Thaman who is composing music for Sarkaaru Vaari Paata has become the best PR man. He is up to date revealing info about the film.

Today, he unfolded that the SVP shoot has completed and returning to Hyderabad for another major schedule. Earlier, he replied to one of the Superstar fans that they have a delightful update in August.

Truly, it is a noble thing from Mr Thaman. He is giving much-needed information to the fans who are dying to know. By tweeting updates, he is bringing a smile to the faces of fans.