School kids puffing cigarettes like experts. Where are we heading?

School kids puffing cigarettes like experts. Where are we heading?

In India, children are compared to Gods.  But, nowadays, children are not only sharp in intelligence but also acquainting to bad habits very easily.  We may or may not agree. Children are getting influenced by movies and they imagine themselves as lead actors.

Here, some school children are smoking cigarettes like an expert. They are making circles with cigarette smoke. Who takes responsibility for this dangerous change in pure minds? How fastly they are attracting and addicting to bad habits? 

We came to know some incidents in newspapers and media that some children committed suicide for not accepting his/her love.  For this behavior of kids, the main blame should go to parents. There are no parents in India, who guides the children in the right direction by giving the required freedom to them.  There are two types of parents in India. 
1. Those who didn't take any responsibility of kids and give them more freedom in the name of independence or various factors like work busy etc.,
2. Those who give utmost priority which means they will decide everything for their kids. They compare and make their children study for the ranks.

Probably 1% of parents are good at parenting and supporting their children like good friends and tights them if their children seem of attracting bad stuff.

In the present day situation, parents role is major followed by teachers, as well as society. And it's our responsibility to rescue the pure minds from being impure from lustful things. 

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