Sex with feminist men is the best: Twitter users

Sex with feminist men is the best: Twitter users
Some feminist handles on Twitter are fun to read.  One of them has claimed that having sex with feminist men is always the best.  
Said Michelle Guido, "Let's just clear this up right here right now. Sex with men who consider themselves to be a feminist is the best sex. Ask women who have had sex with both feminist men and conservative men.  Live your best sex life. Fuck a Feminist."  

The curious tweet has spawned a series of reactions.  Agreeing with the above observation, a follower said, "Might have something to do with the fact that they view their partners as equal people and not objects."  

Another pro-feminist handle chipped in with this comment: "Completely accurate. Non-feminist men usually focus on performing and obsessing about making women orgasm for their reassurance."  

Heather Nesbit adds to the discussion.  "I have been with conservative men and with feminist men. The differences in the bedroom are a microcosm of how they treated me outside the bedroom. #1 reason: consistent and respectful communication. #2: I wasn’t treated like a blowup doll with feminist men," she writes.